15 June 2007

Karmøy Vikingfestival, Kapitel 2/Chapter 2

(fortsættelse fra forrige post)

Jeg har lige siddet og leget med et natbillede af de musikalske tyskere fra Karmøy Vikingfestival. Go' stemning synes jeg (picture1): På markedet fik jeg også anskaffet mig flere ting jeg har villet have længe, blandt andet denne lille vægt, som jeg fandt i et antikvariat nede i Haugesund. Denne er ikke autentisk, men den er tæt nok på (og sådanne her koster ikke ret meget). Nu skal jeg bare have nogle vægte, det bliver nok det dyreste... (picture2):
Hyggelige Simon fra http://www.wordsmithcrafts.co.uk/ lavede et lille spiral-fladbrødsjern (12 cm i diameter) og et kødspyd (22,5 cm lang) til mig. Er de ikke bare flotte! Jeg ærgrer mig sådan over, at jeg ikke kunne se ham lave dem, men jeg havde forstuvet min tå, og var gået kold nede i min egen lejr.
Det var et bytte for et stort nøgle af mit spelsau-uld, farvet med birk og indigo. Det er et virkelig godt sokkegarn, jeg har selv lavet sokker af det (picture4):
Spelsau er langfibret (de individuelle uldtråde, der udgør pelsen, er lange, hvilket øger brudstyrken) og lavet til et tykt, 3-trådet og hårdttvundet garn, får man et ekstremt stærkt garn.
Spelsau er desuden mere vandafvisende end almindelig uld, og MEGET varmt. Nå ja, og dette garn kradser ikke! :).
Mine spelsau-sokker er mine yndlingssokker. Tror faktisk jeg bliver nødt til at binde mig selv et par sokker i til, til daglig brug til vinter....

In English:
(continued from the previous post).

Picture1: Have just been editing a picture of the musical germans from Karmøy.
Picture2: Got myself a few things that I have been missing for at long time, among them a little pair of scales. I found it in an antiquities shop in Haugesund. It's not authentic, but it is close enough (and much cheaper than the real thing...now, I am a member of the authenticity-mafia, but an authentic one, incl. weights, could be 10 times the price of this one...)
Picture3: Lovely Simon of http://www.wordsmithcrafts.co.uk/ made a spiral iron (12 cm across) and a little meatfork (22,5 cm long) for me. It think they are very beautiful. I am so sad that I couldn't watch him make them, but I had sprained my toe, and was completely exhausted from dragging myself around on crutches.
Picture4: It was as a swop for a skein of my spelsau-wool, dyed with birch leaves and indigo. It is a very good sock yarn, I have made myself socks from it.
Spelsau-wool has long fibres, and made into a thick, 3-ply yarn, twined many times (don't know the correct words for this, you twist the individual strands of yarn, in this case 3 strands, together. This is twisted more times than you usually do, making it stronger and also less fluffy), it is extremely strong.
Spelsau-wool is also more water resistant than average wool and VERy warm. Oh, and this yarn doesn't scratch! :).
Mine are my favourite socks. Actually, I think I will have to bind myself a pair for regular winter use.


vandy said...

Wow! Is your spiral iron way different from mine or any I've used.
How do you use one like this?

Anonymous said...


on the spiral Iron. I'm in Canada, so my access to all the artifact sources is more limited (via publications or traveling exhibits only. But -

I am only aware of maybe about four existing artifacts. All of these are in the size range of 12 - 15 cm. They are forged from flat stock, some with one piece handles, some looking like they may have been mounted on wood poles (as your piece).

We ran into the same scale problem with L'Anse aux Meadows. The original replicas had been commissioned by Parks Canada from a blacksmith at the Louisburg site (In Cape Breton - French 1745). They had used illustrations from the early 1970's 'the Vikings' (known as the wrinkly people book over here). Those illustrations are clear, but objects drawn in differing scales were grouped together on one page - or just plain illustrated incorrectly.

This all depends on the depth of your historical accuracy of course. Any sized Viking Age style object is better than incorrect cast iron!


Saga said...

Vandy: It is used like a pan, remember to preheat it in the fire.
It's good for making flatbread on. Because of the gaps, the bread bakes quite fast. You can also grill meat on it, preferably thin peices. The fat will drip into the fire, so be careful.

Anonymous: You seem to imply that my spiral iron is too big? It might be the meat fork that throws you off. The meat fork is very little, only 22,5 cm long, and the spiral iron is only 12 cm across:).