24 July 2007

Lundeborg Jernaldermarked/Iron Age Market

Lad os se:
Dejligt marked!

Dejlig kamp (og fantastisk udsigt fra lejren) (picture1):
Dejlig mad (picture2):
Dejlige mennesker (picture3):
Og dejligt vejr, kun afbrudt af en enkelt mopset tordensky.

Jeg fik tid til at lave denne halsedisse, er ret tilfreds med farverne (picture4):

In English:
Lovely market!
Picture1: Lovely fight (and amazing view from the camp)
Picture2: Lovely food
Picture3: Lovely people
And lovely weather, only interrupted by a single thundercloud.
Picture4: Oh, and I found the time to make this neckwarmer.

1 comment:

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Very beautiful work! We were asked to make some nalbinding needles and I'm reading blogs to learn how they are used :)