18 February 2009


Så er lille R blevet født, d. 03.02.09. Er han ikke bare vidunderlig!

In English:
Picture 1: Then little R has been born, on 03.02.09. Isn't he wonderful :).


Rebecca said...

Congratulations! He is so cute! Mine is 2 weeks younger. :)

Rhonna said...

Wooooot!! Stine! Congratulations! I'm *way* behind on the news, but what a joy. :-)

On a totally unrelated note, I thought of you when someone asked me for help tracking down some of the old-style flax (lin). All they've been able to locate is treated Marylin, and they're looking for the historical "breeds." If you have any ideas and time for it (HA! Who has time with a new baby?), drop me a note?

Maja Maria said...

Hej Stine
Har først lige opdaget din blog ... Det tæppe, som mormor har strikket til Roar - hvor finder man opskriften på det? Det er så fint :)
Mvh. Maja.

Saga said...

Det er min mor, der har strikket det, jeg prøver lige at spørge hende.