27 May 2009

Transport bicycles for children. The beginning: Researching the market

I think I have researchet all the available options in Denmark, a variety of trailers and three-wheeler ladcykler (cargo bikes).
We have about 5000 kr (about 700€) to buy for, and we do at the moment only have one bike, that we both share.
So we need a new bicycle + a trailer (either crappy chinese bike + medium quality trailer - or medium quality bike + crappy supermarket trailer), OR a ladcykel, which in Denmark almost inevitably is a trike.

Pro: Cheap, light, you don't have to ride around with it all day, but can leave it at the daycare.
Con: The child is far behind you, difficult to communicate with the child and solve minor problems fast, the risk of cardrivers not seeing the trailer (despite the flag),

Three-wheeler ladcykel:
Pro: Very roomy, space for several playmates/lots of cargo.
Con: Heavy, difficult to manouvre, price way above our budget.

But then I came across the two-wheeler cargo bike, a Long John type of child (and cargo) transporter. Very interesting and maybe the one to solve our problem: Bakfiets Cargobike Long. But we still only have 5000 kr. So what to do? Well, on this market too, you can find a cheap (chinese) model. The quality is probably as low as the price. I found this online shop: http://www.bakfietsweb.nl/product.php?t=nl&model_id=15 (and tricycleweb.nl and ladcyclerweb.nl).

Edit: We ended up buying a Chariot Carriers child transportation system, model Corsaire. High quality and within our budget.
(By the way, we wasn't sure whether to buy Corsaire or Captain. The only difference between them, is that the Captain has a molded plastic bottom (great for heavy wear, rough terrain/stupid car drivers and being used every single day), and the Corsaire has "just" the "plastic fabric" (but that is very sturdy too).
We bought the latter because it is slightly smaller (a 2 kg lighter), and thus would easier fit in the boot of a small car).


Peter & Maja said...

Hi, did you ever try to order a cargo bike from bakfietsweb.nl?? I'm interested in your experiences since we are thinking about ordering such a bike.

Saga said...

A friend of mine bought one from them and she said that it was a very heavy bike and it rusted quickly.

Anonymous said...

It is a chinese version of the original www.bakfliets.nl.

The original is "the stuff"

The ones sold from www.bakflietsweb.nl is chines crap - you get what you pay for.
Try to google bakfliets and rust .....

Saga said...

Yes, I figured that out myself, as you can read in the post...
We bought a child transporter from Chariot Carriers instead.