22 oktober 2018

Bukser til brede hofter og smal talje - Pants for wide hips and a narrow waist

Jeg har brudt mit løfte om aldrig (som i: virkelig aldrig, 0%) at købe nyt tøj, Jeg køber ellers altid kun genbrugstøj. Men disse bukser var så superfede, og samtidig billige, at jeg blev nødt til at gøre en undtagelse.
Men de viser også en af grundene til at jeg jeg normalt aldrig går med bukser, kun kjoler og nederdele, og at jeg syr mit eget tøj: For at de passede om hofter og bagdel, blev jeg nødt til at vælge en str. L, og så var de aaalt for store i taljen.
I don't ever buy new clothes, only second hand clothes (to refashion). But these pants were so cool, and cheap too, that I had to make an exception.
But they also show why I usually never wear pants, only skirts and dresses, and why I sew my own clothes: To get a size that fit my hips and bottom, I had to chose size L, and they were far to big at the waist.

Jeg havde brug for at tage bukserne ca. 10 cm ind i taljen.
Det var for meget til elastik-i-taljestykket-tricket. Så jeg valgte indsnit. Kun ét indsnit i hver side (hver med 5 cm) ville have trukket stoffet for skævt. Så jeg lavede to indsnit i hver side, fire i alt (to større med 3,5 cm hver og to mindre med 1,5 cm hver).
Indsnittene går ned til 5 cm under taljestykket for at passe til min kropsform.
I needed to take the pants in by 10 cm (4").
It was too much to be able to use the elastic-in-the-waistband  trick. So I decided to make darts. Only one dart each side (5 cm (2")) each would have pulled at the fabric too much. So i made to darts each side (to bigger ones with 3,5 cm each and two smaller ones with 1,5 cm each).
The darts go to 5 cm below the waistband to fit my body shape.

10 oktober 2018

Review of Sole Runner Yepa 2 in English

This review is not sponsored or compensated.

Review of Sole Runner Yepa 2
(I use barefoot shoes blogger Mel Powers very useful template for reviews. 
Do visit her site. She is very knowledgeable and the site has so much useful info on barefoot shoes: https://baresteps.co.uk/ ).

First impression
They are just as beautiful as in the photo in the webshop. And seem to have a lovely wide toebox.

Material: Water repellent leather
Colours: Black or bordeaux (I think they are purple though).
Sole: 6 mm.
Weigth: 305 g in size 40. 
Width: 'Wide' (Sole Runners come in four widths). In size 36 they are 22,6 cm round the ball of the foot. In 37 they are 23 cm.
Other: A thin termo sole is included. It has a tiny heeldrop, which can be removed with a bit of care.
Wide, as the sole.
Comfotably and slightly soft leather.
Warm fleece lining
Tied with laces. They give good opportunity for adjusting the fit across the instep and around the ankle. The ties is slightly short on me, since i have a very high instep.
Everything feels hardwearing and wellmade.

6 mm sole, which continues about 1 cm up on the upper as reinforcement. Thin enough sole that I can always clearly feel the ground. The sole is very flexible, and I am able to move my feet as freely as if I was barefoot.

The sole has a pattern with a good depth, and I have good traction in both mud and wet grass. 

The sole feels solidly made and after a month of almost daily use it looks as new.

Fit and comfortMy feet are extremely wide for my size: 9,8 cm in size 36
Yepa 2 has the width "Wide" and there is room enough for my feet and toes. When my feet splay, I feel that i just fill out the boots widthwise. It is so nice to wear footwear which has room for my feet.
I could use a few mm more to allow for a thick sock.
NB! Remember that the larger sizes Yepa are wider.

I also have an extremely high instep, and there is just enough room for it, again a few mm more would be nice
For the wast majority of people Sole Runner's "Wide" models will be wide enough if you consider yourself to have wide feet.
.In my experience Sole Runner's Wide and Extra Wide models are the widest one on the market. Det er så dejligt at have fodtøj på, som rent faktisk har plads til mine fødder 

The boots are very comfortable to wear and walk in. Nothing bothers me. I can walk for long distances in the boots and be very comfortable. My ankles are relatively narrow and the upper boot can be adjusted for that, but would also fit a bigger ankle. After a month of use, the leather has folded slightly at foot joint level.

My arches tend to collapse when I become tired in the feet. I feel that my heels then pushes sligthtly against the reinforcement. My barefoot shoes do exactly not have arch support, and the tendency has become less frequent as my feet become stronger bt wearing barefoot shoes.

The boots have an insulating fleece lining. it is soft and comfortable and keep my feet nicely warm. At around 5 C I had to put in the thermal sole, but then I had warm feet again (the temperature hasnt been colder than that yet. I will update by the time it comes winter. I am not entirely convinced that they are warm enough, when the temperature goes below minus 5-10 C).

They are waterproof. Ok, technically water repellent. I have used the boots in rain, on wet lawns, through puddles and they kept my feet dry

For the purpose of testing the waterproofness I went for a walk in the rain and jumped in and waded through all the puddles I could finde. After about 45 minutes of being bascially immersed in water, I started to get slightly damp by one toe. I find that very good for at boot that only promises to be water repellent.

Look and style
Light purple (they call it bordeaux) with black reeinforcements (the boot is also available in an all-black version). A classical laced boot, just a barefoot footwear. Unless you look hard, you don't even notice that it is different.

The toe box is wide, but doesn't look extremely wide. I think the boot looks very balanced. Sometimes I feel a little heavy in my heart at having such wide feet. Even though I try to not be affected by what is considered traditionally feminine, I still am a little. These boots doesn't scream that here I come with my duck feet.

I think the boots are beautiful and I have worn them with a dress for a "nice" occasion, and it looked good
I think they speak of quality. Good finish, thorough and without any shortcuts. German quality.

After having used the boots every day for at month, they still look almost new, and the soles have no wear.

Size 36-42.
In all the Sole Runners I have tried, I use the same size as I usually do/used to use in conventional shoes. If anything they fit slightly big.

Yepa 2 is comfortable, flexible, feel like good quality, and are god quality. I can wear them every day, all day, and be nothing but comfortable.
Nice and warm for autumn weather, and probably for Scandinavian winter.
I think they are beautiful, while at the same time performing well as hiking boots.

Yepa 2 is Wide and Sole Runner really means wide, when they say wide. I would like if the Yepa 2 was also in Extra Wide. If one wants that, Sole Runner has the Transition Vario models.

The leather has folded slightly at my ankles, and I would have liked it to keep its shape more. But it does mean that the leather around the feet is very soft and comfortable,

In short: I love them.

I wrote with Sole Runners customer service, and once again they answered quickly, were very helpful, gave me useful answers, and wrote excellent English.

Oh, by the way: Yepa 2 has been sold out. Sole Runner informed me that the black one is back in stock and the purple will come back soon too.

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